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Valere Labs researches, architects, designs and develops innovative technology solutions.

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We know how to meticulously model data and optimize the backend and front end to create high performing digital products.


Our creativity knows no limits and a high-quality code ensures that superlative designs can be executed and adapted on different screen sizes.


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We will design and build a super streamlined experience, getting users to your call to action buttons without friction.


Code refactoring and optimization are important to us. No feature is built without a quality assurance professional testing it out. Any complex functionality can be implemented by our tech experts.

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Look… we’ve been in this space a long time and understand monetary factors can be a determining factor in the advancement of a business venture. So, for the sake of transparency, we’ve taken the initiative to build a Mobile Application Cost Calculator to give you a ball park figure for the cost to build your dream app. The calculator takes into consideration many factors such as your preferred platform(s), your choice of UI, the number of screens your app needs, your preferred security provisions, login and sign-up provisions, third party integrations, data management, web administration tools, and other such variables. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your app and in a few minutes you'll have a good understanding of the investment needed to build your mobile application.

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Mobile App Cost Calculator

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Valere is a one-stop software product development agency – which enables you to establish your business across multiple platforms from AI, ML, IoT, and from mobile to web to wearables and even TV! Our development, data science, and design solutions are focused on accommodating precisely the client’s needs. Our relentless. pursuit to create an exceptional experience through technological transformation makes us a preferred software product development company across the US

Valere Labs has served businesses and startups belonging to various industries by leveraging comprehensive and profound experience, and multi-platform expertise.

As a digital product development agency, we have been serving startups & SMBs -- efficiency, commitment, and innovation remain at the core of our agile development process. We generate value for our clients through web & mobile app development, QA, design and tech consulting.

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