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Valere extends its cutting edge web development services to create web apps, which are dynamic websites that let you interact and connect with your end-users meaningfully. In the simplest of terms, web applications are just dynamic websites that let you interact with your end-users and connecting with them through server-side programming and back-end database. The core idea behind a web app is known in the tech industry as CRUD – Create, Read, Update, and Delete. Web Apps have become a breakthrough technology because of their emphasis on input (the data a user inserts to interact with app) instead of output (news, marketing, FAQs, and general information that the website provides). At Valere, we understood early on - the importance of such an outperforming category in web development. We trained ourselves to embrace expertise in it and this early recognition and adoption gave us an edge over any other web development services. We offer a full-cycle web application development service which includes reliable post-developmental maintenance service. It helps in maintaining consistency in the product as well as making substantial improvements based on user feedback.

Valere’s Agile App Development Process



We do extensive research in the initial days of any project to ensure that we are well-aware of the business, the target audience, and the market dynamic. We take special care of your needs and goals and establish the app architecture with a robust monetization strategy.



After thorough research in our custom web development services, we create a wireframe of the app and work around the possibilities of UI and UX. We focus on creating limited interaction prototypes that can enable us to focus upon the concept, design alternatives, and different screen layouts.


Rapid Prototyping

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of any project is the most critical stage for a developer to learn. The team at Valere fully recognizes the importance of it and strategizes the prototype to get a business to the market as fast as possible and validate it realistically.


UI/UX Design

We use our data from research and analysis of the prototype and create meaningful Ui and UX designs that comply with the contemporary tech standards and ensure the engagement of the user. We are very well acquainted with modern design tools.



After hours of laborious prototyping, we finally bring about the results in this step of web application development. To maintain transparency with our clients, we ensure dual-ended free communication through a dedicated account manager during the development process.


Usability testing

This is the most critical stage for a website development services where the performance of its product is virtually tested across various platforms. Our dedicated Quality Assurance supervisors undertake exhaustive testing to ensure the removal of any bugs before a web app goes live.



Valere helps you at every stage of setting up a new web app. From exposing the correct ports to setting up the server and even the domain name – we’ve got you covered. We deploy the frontend and the backend without recurring glitches and run smooth communication between the two



Valere ensures that you are able to keep up with the constantly incoming constructive user feedback and that you can work on them. Bugs and minor efficiency issues are always addressed by our engineers on priority, offering better performance with every fix!

Frequently Asked Questions

We make use of horizontal (scale-up) and vertical (scale-out) scaling in order to make our web apps perform well even in the presence of high loads without taking too much response time. We also optimize the resources on verticals of memory and data structure.

We take 3 criteria into consideration while determining the framework we want to work upon:

Ability to solve common problems


Adaptability with up and coming technologies

We expertise in different databases including SQL (PostgreSQL and MySQL) and NoSQL (Elasticsearch and Redis). We choose based on specific client demands and system design. In any case, we ensure that our web apps can store and retrieve data with precision and speed.

Here are some advantages of hiring an experienced full stack website development services –

Multi-platform technical skills

Skilled in APIs


Ability to handle server configurations as well as design implementation

Strategic development with an all-encompassing vision

With an efficient team, it should take between two to four weeks to build a full-blown app


App Development done right with the latest tech stack

Why Valere for web app development

Valere provides convenient and scalable enterprise web development solutions for SMEs.

Business-oriented Development

Our team always focuses on the core ideology of your businesses and builds a scalable product out of it. We combine your specifications and dream design with our expertise to give the end-user a UI experience that they'd never forget.

Skilled and Certified Team

Our web development technicians are highly skilled and experienced in full-stack development. They write codes that are high in quality and can build scalable, efficient, and reliable web apps.

Client Success

Valere has created massively successful web apps that have not just received great user feedback, but also encouraging accolade from tech critics.


We have hands-on expertise in many languages including JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Go, and Elixir. This versatility and multi-platform expertise give us an edge over any other professional web development services.

High-quality testing

We make use of multiple layers of manual and automated testing before the launch to ensure that our products are stable, efficient, and completely reliable. Our testing tools have proven to be very cost-effective over the years.

We offer a full-cycle web application development service which includes reliable post-developmental maintenance service. It helps in maintaining consistency in the product as well as making substantial improvements based on user feedback.

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