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We help scale startups, SMBs, enterprises and SAAS and consumer-focused companies, and even celebrities through

Our apps have been endorsed and accredited by many publications.


App Development done right with the latest tech stack

Valere’s agile app development process



In the discovery phase, we conduct extensive research based on your requirements, goals, specific field of service, and target audience to identify app architecture, design, and monetization strategy to give you a clear market advantage. We will work with you to come up with the best development strategies



After research, we move to wire-framing to give you a visual and conceptual understanding of the UI & UX. Being one of the top mobile app development agencies in the USA, and experience building hundreds of apps, we understand the importance of building low-fidelity designs and the correct way to do so is through wireframing


Rapid prototyping

In order to get to the market fast, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is important for startups to validate market assumptions, app architecture, and the product’s relevance in the market. Maximizing learning on an MVP is one of Valere Lab’s core value propositions as a mobile application development company.


UI/UX design

After analyzing the data from a prototype, we move on to a more polished UI/UX design. We keep up to date with all modern practices for Apple iPhone, Google Android, and web design standards with the latest tools like Invision, Figma, Sketch, or any other design software that you name.



This is the step where the magic happens. There is nothing better than receiving the first demo version of your product. We will execute bi-weekly sprints, led by a dedicated project manager, with the actual software coding executed by one or several of our expert software developers.


Usability testing

One of the most important, but usually overlooked steps in the development of an app – the testing phase. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team ensures a robust and exhaustive testing process, to assure the removal of any bugs and inefficiency in the application’s flow. May it be manual or automated, Valere’s tech experts have got you covered.



We will help you setup your platform – whether an Android Application on the Google Play Store using Android developer console, or an iOS Application on the Apple Apple Store using iTunes Connect Apple Developers Console, or getting your website domain live! Whatever it is, we’ll help you set it up and get it live!



We can scale back and get into “maintenance mode” to ensure your software always runs smoothly and can fix bugs that may come up making sure your applications is scalable and robust with your increasing business requirements. This “keeping on the lights” agreement is a cost-effective solution to ensure you never have to worry about having a software performance problem.

Why valere for mobile app development?

Expert team

We have collectively 10+ years of app development experience and have scaled revenue and users into the millions. Our passionate project managers work with our engineering team closely in daily standup scrum meetings. We’ve developed a close-knit culture that genuinely cares about your project and building you a beautiful product.

Agile software development

We follow scrum and agile software practices. This has always been part of our disciplined approach in managing the communication between all the team members. We work with clients in person and over face-time applications such as Google Hangout, Skype and Zoom platforms. We are up to date with all software technologies such as Slack, Trello, Jira, GitHub, BitBucket, inVision, etc.

Client success

Our success stories have seen the likes of the NY times, tech radar and such publications. our applications have received as high as 12M+ downloads to date. may it be on the apple app Store or the Google Play Store our products have been trending on both. with the experience of creating 50+ great applications be rest assured about the success of your app when you are collaborating with Valere.

Industry experience

More important is the number of clients – especially from all different zones and economies. having worked with countless innovative startups and corporate executives, we take pride in our tech expertise ranging from blockchain, IoT, PWA or ay futuristic tech solutions that hit the market.

Competent and certified developers

Our excellent service as a mobile application development agency comes from the fact that our team of developers is trustworthy and highly skilled with Google and AWS certifications. we have built a close-knit reliable team for our clients.


The difference between the products that make it and the products that don’t are slim. Valere Labs has the creative ability to read between the lines and see where you can gain a technological, product, and design market advantage. our creative process is what has allowed our products to generate millions of revenue and success for our clients.

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