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Kotlin is a compiled general purpose and open source programming language, often described as “statistically typed” and “pragmatic” by coding experts. Initially designed in 2010 by JetBrains for Android and JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Kotlin has been open-source since 2012. It was designed to cover the gaps of Java and add more simplicity to coding. It saves programmers a lot of time since it cuts out the need for as much boilerplate as possible. Kotlin is a cross-platform language and it can be compiled for web, iOS, and Android. People are not only using Kotlin for mobile and server-side applications, but also for client-side with JavaScript or JavaFX, and even data science. The most unique advantage of Kotlin is that it perfectly combines object-oriented and functional programming features. We make sure that we make the full use of it. Valere had a hopeful vision for the future of Kotlin development, which led us to adopt it earlier than any other provider of online solutions. Our experience with it has given us a deeper, more insightful understanding of the language and its endless possibilities.

Benefits of Building your app on Kotlin



Since Kotlin is completely interoperable with Java, you can use the code from Java in Kotlin and the other way round as well. You can use Kotlin code anywhere in the place of Java. Kotlin is also very easy to compile to Native or JavaScript for developing code for iOS apps.



One of the biggest advantages that Kotlin has over Java Android development is its conciseness – the developer can solve the same problem using a lot lesser lines of code. It goes without saying that concise code is also easier to read, maintain, and modify.



Compactness and clarity in code don't leave a lot of room for errors and crashes, and this adds to the safety in Kotlin mobile app development. It is by design that Kotlin prevents some of the common coding mistakes, keeping programmers more cautious.


Smarter compiler

Kotlin comes with a smart compiler that performs numerous automated tests that not only reduce the runtime but also eliminate a lot of bugs. The best thing about it is that it detects errors at compile time instead of runtime, which makes the development process more stable and accurate


Higher developer productivity

Apart from its intuitive syntax and overall cleanliness, Kotlin web development and app development increases developer productivity through its powerful features that help speed-up tasks. These include Object Declarations, Parameter Values, and Extension Functions.


Better support for functional programming

In Kotlin development, programmers can improve the performance of the mobile app easily through a process called inlining. Kotlin also allows you to play around with functional concepts more explicitly and have more proper function types to use

Flutter brings together vivid interfaces and efficient functionality like no other framework.

Single codebase

The modern framework enables updating and debugging in the same place, facilitating a single code to run everything.

Flexible UI

Simple & clutter-free layouts and rich, reactive, adaptive widgets of Flutter make the UI extensively flexible and makes it look good on all kinds of screens.

Access to Original Source Code

It is easy to understand the source code and its impact in Flutter, unlike iOS. This makes customization comparatively very easy.


Hot Reload facilitates dynamic app development in Flutter and experimentation with the UI and improvements are visible on the spot.

Faster Code Writing

Hot Reload facilitates dynamic app development in Flutter and experimentation with the UI and improvements are visible on the spot.

Less testing

Flutter enables the development of larger apps in smaller codes, and smaller codes mean lesser bugs to fix. This ramps up the quality assurance.

Ideal for MVP

Flutter is the best option when you have little time on hands and need to build an MVP to market to your potential investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kotlin is more concise. Rough estimates indicate approximately a 40% cut in the number of lines of code. It’s also more type-safe, e.g. support for non-nullable types makes applications less prone to NPE's. Other features including smart casting, higher-order functions, extension functions, and lambdas with receivers provide the ability to write expressive code as well as facilitating the creation of DSL.

Kotlin is also supported by all major Java IDEs including IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Eclipse, and NetBeans. In addition, a command line compiler is available and provides straightforward support for compiling and running applications.

Why Valere for Kotlin

Unique, it has to be

We work with the latest version of Kotlin – v 1.3.72. It was released in April 2020

Early rider knows it better

We have ten years of collective industry experience

Designed by design experts only

Our server-side Kotlin applications can be deployed to all Java web application hosts too

Future with futuristics

Our Kotlin iOS app development generates high-quality, high performing, good ROI generating iPhone apps

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