How To Develop an OCR Scanner App?

27th October 2021


As we move into the digital domain, many things have changed the way things are. Odd tasks that require a lot of paperwork have become more straightforward as we can now share scanned documents. OCR in the custom mobile app has made it easy for us to share the required papers on the digital medium and save our energy and efforts.

It's now easy to transform your smartphone into a document scanner app for Android with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which will turn your scan document with a phone camera or album to regular text. A scanner is a valuable device that brings together the physical and digital worlds, although it has a downside and is usually not portable.

These apps use artificial intelligence-based solutions to convert scanned images into text and the text into Word format, which can be printed or saved as a Word file. There are innumerable OCR scanner apps available in the market that can be used to convert your bills, documents, warranty cards, or even hard copy books into digital format.

What is Optical Character Recognition?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is known as the process of automatically identifying the image, characters, or symbols belonging to a particularized alphabet. AI and ML technology power it. If you desire to know how to make an OCR scanner app knowing what it is:

  • Save it to storage
  • Translate it into other languages
  • Process or edit it

Why There is a Need for OCR Technology in Business Development?

A business requires regular updating of documents. This procedure becomes more convenient when you have a scanner app developer with you as it serves as an OCR scanner and helps in the process, and saves required documents without any other risks.

Some scanners easily convert speech to text into word format or text format. OCR is the best and cost-effective way to transform physical documents into digital documents, as many mobile applications help this functionality via iOS and Android applications.

The cost of developing the best scanner app for Android and iOS may vary, but the traits will be worth the price. There are many advantages with these applications tablets, laptops can be easily integrated with the workflow, and with these OCR scanner mobile applications, the manual process will be diminished to the maximum level. It will also be more comfortable to sign documents with these apps. You can sign documents instantly utilizing these apps without the requirement to send hard copies of documents in the mail or via physical means of transportation. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Features Of OCR Software Development

The achievement of any OCR app development is based on its inherent traits. The quality and functionality of the facilities should provide the comfort of access to the users. A bespoke OCR app development company will encourage you to utilize a set of efficient features in your app to gain popularity. There are many features with a specific function that are mandatory for the back-end management of users and the OCR app.

  • Real-time Document Detection
  • Onboarding
  • Input Formats and Document Conversion
  • Document Assist
  • Document Management
  • Filters

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an OCR Scanner Mobile Application?

Cost is a variable in the OCR app development procedure. Many factors can influence the amount invested in your plan. Now, you understand all the features and technology stack that you should consider in your OCR software development. Please be conscious that the number of traits, APIs, frameworks, and platforms can directly affect your app development budget.

It also depends on the team that you are hiring for the development of your project. Whether you are hiring a freelance app developer or other necessary staff or a full-fledged OCR app development company, the cost of these two options will vary. One person will bill you by the hour, and a custom mobile app development company will charge you that based on their available engagement model. However, most companies bill that based on the hours and human resources invested in your project.

According to the team's requirement, particular people's sets are compulsory for app development, like Project Manager for monitoring the whole process, UI/UX Designer, QA for quality, and Test Engineer for app testing.


The cost of developing an OCR mobile application will always be based on the type of technology and its features or integration with the application. So, while improving OCR mobile application, it is essential to hire mobile app developers and think about user and admin panel features. This will lead to extensive and successful applications. In addition, these applications have many capabilities, like storing data. OCR will prove to be a boon for those users who want to keep their records secure and separate.


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