How to Develop a Real Estate Website like Realtor?

27th October 2021


Any online business needs a great website or app to attract potential customers. There has been a significant increase in the number of digital buyers in the last decade. Earlier, when customers needed information about several properties throughout their area, they had to book appointments with agents and had limited choices. With the digitization of everything, real estate agents deal through a website, and clients are displayed with unlimited options. Realtor is one of the best real estate portals that has gained immense popularity as its release.

What is Realtor?

A Realtor is a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of Realtors professional association. The NAR explains the term "realtor" as a union-registered collective membership sign that recognizes a real estate professional who is a member of the association and subscribes to its code of conduct.

Why Invest in Real Estate Website Development?

Real estate is a business that survives under any circumstances; Be it pandemic or any other situation, the market fluctuates slightly but remains ahead of all other sectors. Realtor website development is on the rise because it gets you massive popularity and significant revenue figures. Let us understand some of the reasons why you should invest in real estate web development.

  • Qualified Leads
  • Get the Most of Digitization
  • Alluring Advertising

Features in a Real Estate Business Website

Some features enhance the functionality of your real estate website and deliver comfort of access to the users.

Attractive Image Gallery

Users buy things that attract them visually. Make sure your website has an attractive image gallery of the properties you are listing. All images should be of high-grade quality and provide a perfect view. You can classify images as different parts of a specific asset. You would be surprised to know that websites with more excellent image quality have more potential customers.

Advanced Search Options

A search option with multiple filters makes the process of choosing properties comfortable for the user. Your listing should be structured so that a user can easily navigate their way through them. You don't wish that your users get misplaced in complicated searches. You can also add filters with advanced parameters like pricing, location, number of rooms, etc.

Updated Information

Users need to trust the information presented on your website. To ensure the trust between your users and your business, it is imperative to keep an updated database. Your website should display properties purchased or available. You can add tags to each listing that represent the time and date it has been computed.

Mobile Responsiveness

Not all users access websites on their devices. Most of the population prefers on-the-go websites and reaches them on their gadgets. Assuring the mobile responsiveness of your website will attract a lot of users to your custom mobile application. Admire your client's behavior and perform the modifications, and you'll have a ton of potential views in no time.

IDX/MLS integration

Internet data exchange is a software model is utilized to present properties of multiple listing services on different real estate platforms. For users' convenience with updated information, you can integrate these services into your real estate web development process.

SEO Friendly

Always, you can ask your developers to build a real estate website SEO-friendly to bring more qualified leads. SEO-friendly websites are simple to market and enhance visibility. You can demonstrate many techniques to demand your website in the digital world. WordPress provides an SEO-friendly framework where you can join various plug-INS that will help do several SEO techniques.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App

It should have become clear by now that developing a real estate portal like realtor is not as simple as you imagine. It needs patience, dedication, and, most importantly, the capital. However, the money included in your project differs on various factors and can be controlled according to your needs. The best way to build a website like realtor is with custom mobile app development. It has several benefits as you select the team, technology stack, and design according to your expectations. A web development company, which uses the advanced tech stack that could build your website, thrives in a tough real estate market that will charge according to the skill set by the team.

In the context of real estate websites, certain factors will influence the cost of the development process, such as MLS integration, uploading of listing data by agents and sellers, Google Maps integration, high-level listing search, and comprehensive content management systems, and many more. Subsequently, the development cost will fluctuate on the abundance of traits you desire on your website, among other necessities. Many successful web development companies offer viable hiring models equipped with various benefits.


Building a good property website requires good planning and expertise. It's not as complex as it looks. It won't completely break your bank if you identify your core audience and have a straightforward approach to how to begin creating your online presence.


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