How to Build an Event App?

18th October 2021


The much-anticipated seasonal holidays are almost here! Many people are considering organizing a day out. Still, they are unsure about forthcoming events in the city or how to obtain tickets.

So, if you are an event management firm that's suffered a significant loss due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and are searching for a way to get back on your feet, investing in an event to build a mobile app is a wise move.

We will look at how to make such an app and its features in this article. They are also the best in the United States. But first, let's take a quick look at the advantages of using an event app.

Apps for event organizing have a lot of advantages:

Today's events play a significant role in building brand value and bringing communities and people together, increasing globalization efficiency.
Events are run wholly altered because of innovations like custom mobile app, IoT, and Virtual Reality. You name it, and a mobile app can be made to improve the visiting experience.

Here are ten advantages of using an event app:

  • Stick to your budget.
  • More practical time management
  • Improve efficiency
  • Make marketing more effective.
  • Reorganize your teams
  • Make registration easier
  • Make use of internet payment options
  • Make jobs more automated
  • Meet consumer expectations in terms of technology
  • Make a case for return on investment (ROI).

With these advantages in mind, you should think about building a custom mobile app development for your event. But how does it work in your favour?

How Does An App For Event Planning Work?

Knowing the procedures required to construct an event organizer app is the best approach to understand how the app operates.

Appealing design

To make navigation across the app more accessible, create a user-friendly interface with a well-structured layout and varied icons.

Filters that can be customized

Attendees are seeking easy-to-use software that will help them identify local events that are relevant to their interests. The React Native mobile app development services should be labelled and categorized to find the information they need inside the appropriate category.

Local payment solutions should be integrated

Global payment gateways, like PayPal or Braintree, are commonly used by event platforms that operate globally. Not all of these PSPs may be available in your country. Prepare to take advantage of this shortcoming by offering users local payment options.

Create a community

Connect your app to your users' social network accounts and allow them to invite their friends to join. Enabling in-app conversations is another approach to strengthen your community. Direct messaging, check-ins, recommendations, a "follow friends" option, or a "contact organizer" button are all examples of features that can make your product more engaging.

Bonus schemes and loyalty programs should be implemented

Active users should be rewarded with discounts and other incentives. To keep your consumers engaged and enhance your app's retention rate, you can create a multi-level bonus plan, conduct lotteries, and host contests.

Features to Look for in an Event App

Attendees, meeting organizers, and a platform operator are all involved in an event planning app. Such apps can be viewed as a form of the marketplace from this standpoint. Previously, we looked into the topic of marketplaces and how to create them.

Through the mechanisms created by the platform operator, the app promotes contact between clients (attendees) and service providers (planners). As each stakeholder uses the app to achieve their goals, the app's structure and functionality should be tailored to their individual requirements.

  • Participants
  • Event planners
  • The operator of a marketplace

Knowing the need of your target audience will help you select which modules to include in your final product and pave the path for the most significant event app.

Including the appropriate features, such as:

  • Use a search engine
  • Payments and tickets
  • Notifications
  • Guides to cities and tourist destinations (Geolocation)
  • Platform for event management
  • Advertising medium
  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Service charges
  • External advertisements
  • Make the most of collaborations

You are ready to start once you've completed all of these steps for your app. Before you start building your own event app, it's a good idea to conduct some research and learn about the most popular ones on the market.

The top ten event apps on the market are listed below:

  • Whova
  • EventMobi
  • Aventri
  • CrowdCompass
  • Socio
  • Hopin
  • Bizzabo
  • Attendify
  • Airmeet
  • SpotMe

It will be easy to create the layout for your app once you have completed your research and identified your specialized event. Just need to plan that how much does it cost to develop an app!

Final Thoughts

Creating the most excellent app for events would be difficult without a dedicated team of software experts who share your vision. If you haven't chosen to recruit an in-house team or outsource your app development, now is the time to do so. You may begin bringing your ideas to life and creating the platform that your fellow citizens and local event planners have been yearning for once you've met your perfect team.


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