How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Fitbit?

21st July 2021


2020 has been an eye-opener for almost everyone, not only in terms of professional life but also personal. While growing up, physical activities were the most important part of our daily routine. Now, we have no idea when it just vanished out of our schedules. We got so busy and ambitious about our careers that we forgot about our physical well being.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Don’t we all make new year’s resolutions to work out more and take care of ourselves like never before? Maybe for a few weeks or a month for certain people but not an entire year. Well the problem has been sorted to some extent, Gym instructors are replaced by health and fitness apps. Fitness apps grew by nearly 50% during the first half of 2020, study finds. This remarkable shift in people’s fitness and lifestyle choices is here to stay. According to a CNBC survey, 59% of Americans don’t even plan on renewing their gym membership post-pandemic.

Fitbit was launched by a California based start-up back in 2007 and remained the active leader in the industry till 2014 with about 45% global market share. Fitbit app is the ultimate health and fitness app. It has everything that you need to keep you healthy and physically fit. This app can help you monitor your health activities to avoid or prevent untoward incidents to happen while you’re exercising.

Key Features and Functionality

  • User account generation
  • Log in through email and password or social media API
  • Virtual avatar or profile creation with user’s personal metrics gender, age, height/weight, and current activity level
  • Compatibility with external portable/wearable device
  • Push notifications
  • Recording of a workout regime and miles run
  • Recording of calories burnt
  • Recording of number of steps while walking
  • Fitness statistics through calendars and graphs
  • Share selfies and statistics after workouts
  • Challenge friends and family
  • Share motivational messages with Facebook friends
  • Earn badges as rewards for reaching a milestone
  • Alarms and scheduling
  • Sleep goals setting
  • Sleep recorder and tools to aid sleep
  • Track weight and reach weight goals
  • Measure hydration
  • Measure calorie intake by logging food
  • Measure heart rate and blood pressure
  • Measure oxygen saturation
  • Measure baseline body temperature and sleep time body temperature

All its features like virtual rewards, competitive statistics, a sense of community, and constant monitoring of personal health data makes Fitbit a very integral part of any user’s life.

Also, a recent addition to the features of the app is the Fitbit Spotify app integration which allows you to DJ from your wrist! You can stream music and podcasts on Your Library on Spotify which is available on the screen of the wrist band.

Other app integrations are also widely popular. For example, the Relax app and EDA Sense app can help you practice and track mindfulness through your Fitbit. Another popular one is PEAR’s Personal Fitness Coach which collects the data and stats from your smartwatch to create a personalized workout for maximum efficiency. PEAR goes beyond an automated voice, and includes a set of trainers that are professional athletes, Olympians, and record holders from across the globe.

When you ask how much to develop a Fitbit app, essentially you need to consider these features and functionality because they are at the core of determining the cost of making a Fitbit app.

Where Can an App like Fitbit Improve?

Fitbit app covers almost all aspects of daily health - from nutrition to athletics. However, for someone who is looking to create a Fitbit app here are some suggestions on possible improvements -

  • You can use barometric altimeters that help in tracking altitude and measuring atmospheric pressure. They also gather relevant data on elevation while climbing stairs or trekking
  • You can integrate skin response sensors that determine the level of precipitation while a workout or running session
  • Bioimpedance sensors are also a great technological advancement that measures one's body tissue's resistance to certain levels of electric currents and can be useful in determining various physiological metrics like respiration rate, etc.

Where Can You Access Fitbit?

The health app is compatible across different platforms and devices, like -

  • Fitbit desktop app
  • Fitbit app for android
  • Fitbit app for windows
  • Fitbit app for apple watch

One Fitbit app is compatible with all Fitbit devices like Ionic, Versa, Sense, etc. It was predicted that they would have a different app for children when they released their special fitness band Ace - a Fitbit Ace app, however, the normal Fitbit app is compatible with that too.


IoT technology has been gaining popularity quite rapidly in recent years. There are plenty of ways to integrate the Internet of Things systems for personal or professional purposes, but some of them stand out among others. IoT in the fitness industry is definitely such an exemplary case. The valuation of the global smart fitness market is truly impressive. Compared to around 6 billion USD in 2016, this market is expected to reach nearly 30 billion USD by 2025.

  • They can help to personalize exercise
  • They allow immersive training
  • They simplify equipment maintenance

1. They can help to personalize exercise

This is the most well-known characteristic of IoT integration in gyms and the wellness industry in general. Based on the data received from wearables, sensors, and smart training equipment, the workout routine can be customized to suit the individual perfectly. Additionally, it’s very easy to track your fitness progress with such devices.

2. They allow immersive training

VR technology, headsets, in particular, can be used for so much more than just entertainment purposes. When it comes to working out, virtual reality can provide an immersive experience to users, giving them a chance to exercise in an appropriate environment anywhere they are. Moreover, VR allows training with others even when everybody can’t be together in one space.

3. They simplify equipment maintenance

To ensure customer satisfaction, gym owners have to take good care of their machinery. Due to the frequent uncertainty about which equipment is being used the most, it’s hard to tell which machines are worn down. With an IoT system, though, all the usage information is readily available. Thus, understanding which equipment has to be maintained is much simpler.

How does an app like Fitbit make money?

Before establishing the cost to build a Fitbit app, let’s talk about its monetization, which has five main pillars -

  • Paid app - the upfront cost of downloading your app from the play store or app store
  • Freemium model - you offer some services for free but advanced and uninterrupted services are available through a premium monthly or yearly subscription
  • Ads - you can bid the space on your app to relevant advertisers and even go for affiliate marketing
  • In-app purchases - special services like professional audio and video fitness training sessions, etc. can be bought on the app for a certain sum of money
  • Brand merchandise - (T-shirts, keychains, water bottles, etc.) it can be sold online and offline, and apart from generating revenue, it also helps create brand awareness

Final Word

In nutshell, when you decide to develop your fitness app consider first the features you want in your fitness app. If you are planning to develop a complex app, then expect it to be a little bit expensive; however, if the app is simple with few features, the cost will certainly be lower. But choose an expert developer to get the best ROI on your end product. With the growing demand in the marketplace, the health and fitness apps are the need of the hour and most people who don’t have sufficient time to join the gym also can choose this app. However, you have to be very accurate when you are considering the features of the application. Creating an App like Fitbit can be a challenging task for the developers because on one front they have to magnetize users through features and at the same time have to offer a seamless experience.

Well, the average cost to make a Fitbit app can fall in the ballpark of $40,500 - $93,000. This is dependent on the number of hours invested by the development agency into coding. Usually, the tasks can be divided like this -

  • Business analysis + design prototypes - nearly 40 hours
  • Design part - 100 hours
  • Development stage: close to 400 hours for iOS and 480 for Android
  • Back-end development: 400+ hours
  • Testing stage - 80 hours

The average cost to develop a Fitbit app can change from one agency to another, depending on their hourly rate which can range from 40$/hr to 150$/hr in the US.

Fitbit app cost also alters depending on the platform used for coding, operational and functional specs, and compatibility with different devices, so it’s always recommended to have a thorough word with your potential developer about the different aspects of the cost of making a Fitbit app or take a quick check run at the link for cost calculator app.

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