Here Are The Top UI/UX Mistakes To Avoid Mobile App Uninstallations

10th September 2021


Every day there’s a new mobile app in the market offering a brand new solution, product or idea. However, not all of them succeed. There are many reasons why an app might not work but avoidable UI/UX mistakes are one major factor. Below are the top few bad UI/UX mistakes that you can avoid while building your mobile app.

Assuming users see things your way

You might have put a lot of time & effort into your app and designed it in a certain manner. However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot be subject to creator’s bias and not see the design and functional flaws that an end-user might experience when using your mobile app. Thus, it’s important to seek more point of views and spend on research and testing to ensure that your mobile app has the UX that you envisioned.

Not valuing your user’s time

Long load times can drastically increase the bounce rate of an app or a web page. With increasingly short attention spans, it’s not only difficult to capture your user’s attention but trickier to retain it. So, it’s ideal to ensure that your app is snappy, quick and responsive across devices so as to not give a slow and frustrating bad UI/UX to any user.

Designing UI/UX which is complex & challenging

The more you complicate the design, the more difficult it becomes for the end-user to find what they want within your app. This is one of the gravest of all the UI/UX mistakes that you can make as this directly hampers the basic functionality of the app and leads to uninstallations.

Not doing UI/UX research to save costs

Before beginning any project, the first step is to do research. While it’s good to have available data points to guide your research, the purpose and timeline of every research effort are unique to themselves. So, what might have been relevant data for a similar project from two years ago might not be valid anymore due to a variety of factors. The best way? To do your own research along the way. That’s the only guaranteed way of getting results that answer your specific questions. This in turn ensures that your mobile app development process is one that is linear with minimal mistakes and goof ups on the way.

Not optimizing UX

When a person cannot be expected to use a desktop website on a mobile device with full satisfaction, the same logic dictates that different devices and OS cannot run the same build or UX for an app. Keeping the device(s) in mind is the first step- mobile, desktop, tablet or even wearable devices like an Apple Watch. Further OS versions and capabilities of said devices, like the use of gestures and no buttons in current devices, etc has largely impacted how apps are now designed. So. it’s imperative that all these conditions are kept in mind when designing & updating the UI/UX for your user base.

Not testing your UI/UX enough

The more you test, the faster you get rid of bugs. Seems like a logical enough advice. However, it is the one advice that most people take lightly and it leads to longer build time and larger budgets for your mobile app development. How? It’s simple. Mobile app development process is a layered process. Every step is an added layer to the process and if every step isn’t tested individually, we’ll never know what’s wrong until later. Which means that then we’ll have to not only find the faulty layer but also refix all the layers above it to make them work. Whereas, if testing is done after every step, any bugs can be fixed at the level itself instead of having to individually re-examine and fix every step that follows. This sounds cumbersome but saves time and a lot of money in the long run and should be a standard part of your process.

The app development process is one that’s tedious and involves a lof of decision making at every step.With the right research and steps in place, you can bring your vision to life a lot faster. Getting an expert like Valere on board can help you understand and work on the process with you. Our App Development Cost Calculator can help you create a projected budget that you can then work towards to start building the mobile app of your dreams!


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