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8th November 2021


Remember when you had to download and listen to music on your device? Fortunately, such times are long gone. Music streaming services available through mobile applications make life easier for the average person right now.

Spotify web music, one of the most well-known music streaming services, commands a large share of the market. It's because they're offering convenience and value in exchange for a small fee. People are eager to pay for high-quality music they've never heard of before. It's exciting for Spotify, to be able to listen to new music that is only available through these apps. In addition, people enjoy relative services such as making purchases of items, purchasing concert tickets, and so on. If you are finding a Spotify alternative, don’t! because there is nothing such as a Spotify alternative, it is as unique as you!

In a nutshell, music streaming apps represent the future of music consumption. This site may be able to assist you if you're interested in launching your own music streaming service. Licensing, platform, technology, and features, among other things, all need to be addressed. We'll help you learn more about these aspects and how to create great music streaming apps like Spotify in this article.

The most important features to take into account when creating a music streaming application. Music streaming apps need to have a particular set of functionalities. There are numerous factors to consider while developing a custom mobile application, that can make a big difference.

Library of musical compositions

Decide on how you're going to construct a server. Customers would be able to pay for a membership to use a server-based music library, or they would be able to access the music for free. Usually, apps like Apple Music and Spotify app come to mind.

Storage in the Cloud

Let your customers have the ability to download their favourite songs and listen to them whenever and wherever they choose. Apps like Audiobox and Groove Music are good examples.

Stations of the radio

Organizing the music by its style. In the future, the apps will have a wide selection of radio stations and can be Custom mobile app development, according to a variety of criteria. Any smartphone or PC can access this broadcast. Apps like Shoutcast and Apple Music are good examples.

Obtaining a Driver's License

With the help of music streaming services, your customers may enjoy their favourite music without having to make a financial investment in it. However, you must obtain a licence for offering music content if you are the proprietor of a music streaming application. The Public Performance Rights would have to be purchased by you.

A music app like Spotify would be best built with the assistance of the best developers. It’s critical to figure out the licencing before launching a music streaming service. Unless you have a licence, you might find it anywhere from $750 to $1,50,000 for each song played.

The ability to store data

This is when the project's developers need to get to the meat of the matter. On the top of the list your development team should take care of data storage before beginning work on music application development. The backend server must support your application. You'd have to pick an AWS or Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, or other service providers.

Another way to reduce the cost of data storage is to use virtualization. Spotify and SoundCloud both provide SDKs and APIs that let you stream music from their services. You should be aware of the limitations indicated for the developer tools' use. Streaming APIs from third parties can be integrated into your application. On a self-hosted server, you can build a data storage-based app. You can save your music in a readable directory on your server and make it available to others.


The two most popular music streaming app development apps are iOS and Android. Go with the one that gives you the most exposure to the market. You can choose to design a platform-specific app to remain competitive. Apple Music is a prime example of this. To increase its user base, Apple released an app for both iOS and Android.

On the other hand, if you're on a tight budget, you can select a platform based on your target audience's preferences. People prefer iOS devices to Android ones, just like in the US. Android, on the other hand, dominates the Asian and European markets. Due to the wide range of mobile platforms, you must consider both iPhone app development services and Android application development.

How much does it cost?

For one or two platforms, you may expect to pay anything from $88,250 to $150,850 to build your own music streaming service in India. Due to additional features and complexities, an advanced feature application will be more expensive.

A skilled resource in India can cost up to three times as much as one in the United States. It's because their hourly pay is higher than those of the Indian engineers. Resources in India are equally gifted, experienced, and up-to-date on current industry trends as their counterparts in the United States and Europe. The development team's location has a significant impact on the ultimate cost.


Hope now it will be a lot easier for you to design a music streaming app. Selecting the best technology partner for mobile application development services will be a difficult task in and of itself. If you have a clear vision and strategy in place, you can easily navigate through this situation.


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