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Angular JS, commonly termed as Angular, is an open-source JavaScript-based web application structure which was originally developed by Google. It has been kept up by and a network of individual designers and enterprises including Google ever since. Used specifically to address the difficulties experienced in creating single-page applications, Angular is of the most popular and modernistic web frameworks available. It works on MVC architecture which is short for Model-View-Controller. It splits the business logic layer, the data layer, and the presentation layer, making itself extremely reliable for modern use. Valere is a key part of the community of developers that maintain Angular. We are always up-to-date with the latest developments and create angular apps, putting into effect the expertise of the wide forum we are part of. We have used the many features of Angular JS web application development on individual levels and as a team. Our experience with the software gives us an edge over our peers and makes us strive for a better outcome every single day.

Benefits of Angular Apps


Less code

Angular JS application development can be done with very less amount of code since the data models are simpler and do not require getters/setters. The data can be easily modified through filters.


Two-way data binding

This is one of the USPs of angular mobile development. It keeps the data and presentation layer completely in sync automatically. The developer doesn’t need to do that by writing a different JavaScript code.



In angular web development, routing, i.e. moving from one view to another is very easy. This is why it so popular for single-page add development wherein it’s essential to be able to move to different functionalities on the same page.


Automated Testing

It is an inbuilt function in Angular JS that any JavaScript code needs to go through a series of tests. This way, a developer can begin from scratch and still be able to test every component of an app smoothly.


Open source network

Since it is an open-source network, a huge community of developers across the world are able to share their experiences with angular mobile app development, and a lot of common bugs become easier to solve through an online forum.


Dependency Injection

Angular JS has a built-in subsystem of dependency injection which means the developer doesn’t have to hunt for dependency himself. It is meant to ease out the process of unit testing. It's very important for single-page apps.

Flutter brings together vivid interfaces and efficient functionality like no other framework.

Single codebase

The modern framework enables updating and debugging in the same place, facilitating a single code to run everything.

Flexible UI

Simple & clutter-free layouts and rich, reactive, adaptive widgets of Flutter make the UI extensively flexible and makes it look good on all kinds of screens.

Access to Original Source Code

It is easy to understand the source code and its impact in Flutter, unlike iOS. This makes customization comparatively very easy.


Hot Reload facilitates dynamic app development in Flutter and experimentation with the UI and improvements are visible on the spot.

Faster Code Writing

Hot Reload facilitates dynamic app development in Flutter and experimentation with the UI and improvements are visible on the spot.

Less testing

Flutter enables the development of larger apps in smaller codes, and smaller codes mean lesser bugs to fix. This ramps up the quality assurance.

Ideal for MVP

Flutter is the best option when you have little time on hands and need to build an MVP to market to your potential investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Angular has been a choice of many modernistic brands including HBO, Nike, Forbes, SONY, Upwork, and General Motors.

Generally, we have noticed that it costs lesser to build a custom Angular app. This is because Angular is an open source platform that offers ready-to-use templates. It also saves developer’s time with automatic testing and data binding.
Yes. Angular apps are scalable. With their component-based architecture and precision, it certainly becomes very easy to upgrade and add features to.
Valere believes in complete transparency with the client. We assign each client a specific account manager who communicates the weekly progress with you and also addresses all the concerns that you might raise in the due course of our time together.

Why Valere for Angular development

Unique, it has to be

We use an agile development process and follow the path of design development workflow to keep things smooth and efficient. This not just helps us save time, but also enables us to make the most of the resources available to us.

Early rider knows it better

We build apps and websites in a very context-aware manner. Your business goal as well as your audience’s expectations make up a holistic sphere around which we work to produce the most unique and useful applications

Designed by design experts only

Being an international Angular JS application development company, we work flexibly according to your time zone. We are very well able to comply with strict deadlines and budgets. This added flexibility and transparency helps us build lifelong customer relations

Future with futuristics

We provide complete post-developmental support. We regularly work on the maintenance of your app and also work upon the user feedbacks to create better experiences. Our experts always invite constructive criticism, especially from the end-users

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