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Android App Development Solutions

So you have brainstormed a breakthrough mobile app idea? You might as well have a vision for the UI and the many features you want to offer. What next? It’s time to roll your sleeves down and sit back! It’s time for Valere to create some mobile magic with our unprecedented Android development services! We’re here to turn that dream of a cutting edge app into reality. In the initial stages of launching their online solutions, a lot of companies try to reach for a combination of all three platforms – the web, the iOS, and Android. However, for smaller (and smarter) businesses, it makes sense to do the background research and make the full use of the potential of one single platform. Is that platform Android for you? Let’s find out together!

Benefits of Android Apps


High Market Share

With millions of promising users around the world currently, and thousands adding each day, Android owns more than 70% of the global market. With android app development, you get access to a wider pool of customers.



Many android app development companies in the USA work on a free-with-ads model and advertising costs are generally lower on Android, which means you can cater to more users than iOS devices with the same amount.


Lower head-on barrier

It is far less expensive to post your app on Google Play Store than to post in on the App Store. Also, Apple has an entire checklist of provisions that any app needs to follow to be eligible for registration, which isn’t there for Android.


More access to device functionality

For android mobile application development, it's easier to get access to devise functionality like fingerprint sensor, camera, microphone, multiscreen, geo-location, and motion sensors. You can insert as many features as you want.


Play Store benefits

It is extremely easy and instantaneous for any android mobile app development services to update an app that has been posted on the Play Store; whereas on the App Store, it is more difficult because of the lengthy submission process.


More freedom and space for the innovativeness

The policy of Google on the basis of which it allows up and coming varieties of apps is a lot more flexible than Apple, which makes a lot of room for innovativeness and creativity in android

Flutter brings together vivid interfaces and efficient functionality like no other framework.

Single codebase

The modern framework enables updating and debugging in the same place, facilitating a single code to run everything.

Flexible UI

Simple & clutter-free layouts and rich, reactive, adaptive widgets of Flutter make the UI extensively flexible and makes it look good on all kinds of screens.

Access to Original Source Code

It is easy to understand the source code and its impact in Flutter, unlike iOS. This makes customization comparatively very easy.


Hot Reload facilitates dynamic app development in Flutter and experimentation with the UI and improvements are visible on the spot.

Faster Code Writing

Hot Reload facilitates dynamic app development in Flutter and experimentation with the UI and improvements are visible on the spot.

Less testing

Flutter enables the development of larger apps in smaller codes, and smaller codes mean lesser bugs to fix. This ramps up the quality assurance.

Ideal for MVP

Flutter is the best option when you have little time on hands and need to build an MVP to market to your potential investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Native android apps are built to be made available exclusively on Android. A hybrid code can be used on multiple platforms alongside Android. Technologies used for native development include Java and Kotlin, whereas HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and React Native is used for hybrid development.

It usually works out well even if you target masses with an app alongside a one-page informative website. However, it can depend heavily on your audience and service type, it’s best to consult the experts at Valere to make a better and informed decision.
We walk with you every step of the process and provide our top-notch android application development services even after the app is launched. We provide full maintenance and work on user reviews aggressively to make the best out of every app.
The time length can be different for different apps, based on the specifications. It usually takes less than a month to reach the final outcome, however, we never call a project complete until you are satisfied with every inch of the code.

Why Valere for android software development

Unique, it has to be

Our team is not just backed by years of experience in the industry, but is also always updated with the newest trends in the world of apps and technology – this is what gives us the edge over any other android application development company in the USA.

Early rider knows it better

Our developers are highly skilled at native programming languages like Java and Kotlin and work on a leak-proof process that is proven to get results most efficiently. The use of Java also ensures that the apps are easy to port to different operating systems like Symbian and Ubuntu.

Designed by design experts only

We offer the most aggressive, versatile, and scalable android app development in the USA through which we are able to develop apps that integrate best with the entire Android ecosystem. We are also familiar and compatible with the development of emerging technologies like IoT, AI, ML, AR, and VR.

Future with futuristics

Valere offers maximum customization in android mobile app development and also provide post-developmental support and take care of maintenance and marketing.

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